What is the Order of Omega?

We are a Greek Leadership Honor Society that recognizes Juniors and Seniors that have exhibited and continue to exhibit exceptional leadership within the Greek community at Penn. Our members aim to push forth the positive aspects of Greek Life: character, scholarship, service, and leadership.

How do I become a member?

See our “New Member Selection” page.

What is the purpose of Omega?

Our mission is threefold: 1) Recognize exceptional Greek leadership 2) Unite IFC/PHC/IGC as a cohesive community 3) Collaborate and communicate with OFSL and upper administration.

What does Omega do?

As a foundation, we¬†facilitate relationships and friendships between passionate Greek leaders through social events. We seek to use our influence and inter-connectedness to enact initiatives that better the Greek community. In the past, we have published a Greek newsletter highlighting chapters’ positive programming, distributed awards at the annual Greek Awards Ceremony recognizing service to the community and young leaders with great potential, and ran a mentorship program connecting experienced leaders with new leaders to help advise and guide the new leaders.

What are the expectations of membership?

Members are expected to attend chapter meetings, pay dues, attend some social events, and participate in at least one other chapter initiative.

What is Omega’s relationship with the senior society “The O.R.D.E.R.”/”Omega”?

We are not affiliated and have no relationship with the senior society that goes by the similar name.